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NubiWise provides educational resources for the teaching of British black history. We create, develop and publish content for primary education.

By advancing knowledge about British black history, NubiWise aim is to challenge stereotypes and boost a sense of identity and belonging. This will help to promote social inclusion in our multicultural society.

British black history is a part of our heritage and culture as well as part of British history, though largely untold. So, let’s explore and discover the treasures.


Who we are

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Knowledge & Resources

Knowledge & Resources

Our resources are designed to offer fun while supporting learning in school and at home. We help those who teach and inspire those who learn. The resources give a voice to the many untold stories. Consequently, they reveal amazing lessons to help young people understand the past and the present so they can navigate the future with wisdom.

Inspiration & Benefits

Inspiration & Benefits

We believe that exposure to positive role models will provide deep insights of courage, bravery, and inspiration. Children will get a sense of understanding and knowledge of positive black history that is not currently taught in schools.

Discover more from what our customers say

The work NubiWise is doing to teach and explain aspects of black history is both thought-provoking and inspiring.  I know Robert both personally and professionally.  He has a clear and very authentic way of talking about important subjects, like Walter Tull, a local figure, and the influence of the Windrush generation.  He combines a passion for black history with a creative way of using resources to help tell insightful stories, which is engaging for children and adults alike.  It’s a real pleasure to work with Robert.

Graham McKechnieSports editor, BBC Radio Northampton

The black history workshops Robert delivered at my school were informative and fun for the children as well as teachers.  He has also staged several community events.  My family and I attended a few.  My two children were absolutely enthralled from what they learnt.  It is fantastic to see that Robert is now producing resources that teachers and families can use.

Hayley LawsonTeacher, Braunston C E Primary School

I so love NubiWise learning resources! The quality is superb and students love them.  They tell the story in a vivid way and the children can’t help but ask questions to know more.  Very engaging and fun.  As a home schooler, I can’t wait for more from NubiWise!

Janice NaikenHome schooler, Staffordshire

The jigsaw puzzle and activity book provide fun, educational content for children. As a parent, I also enjoyed doing the puzzle. The biographies remind me of the struggle and achievement of the characters. Our children need more of this type of learning resources to help in our multi-cultural society.

Audrey ReidParent, Birmingham

Wow! This is absolutely an amazing puzzle, even for a Jigsaw Junkie. It was fun to assemble. The colours are vibrant, and it is great quality! I found it therapeutic and educational. As well as celebrating the prominent figures shown, the supporting lesson plan is a great addition for deeper learning. Definitely a good buy!

Faith SpencerPuzzle enthusiast, Canada